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South Houston Livable Centers Study is the first major visionary plan for the community!
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The project is funded through a partnership between H-GAC, Harris County Precinct 2, and TxDOT. The study boundary will encompass the incorporated boundary of the City of South Houston. The goal of this plan is to create a neighborhood integrated and connected to its immediate and larger, regional surroundings by building a walkable, transit-friendly community with enhanced access to employment opportunities, civic infrastructure, and amenities, and promote healthy lifestyles through increased connectivity of greenspace and trails that can improve people’s daily lives.

Community Engagement Feedback

Project Schedule

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What is a Livable Center Study?

A small area study that encourages a complimentary mix of land uses that are designed to be walkable, connected, and accessible by multiple modes of transportation, including bus, bike, foot, or vehicle (multi-modal). Established in 2008, the Program works with local communities to reimagine auto-focused infrastructure, policies, and programs to be more multi-modal friendly.

What’s next?

We want to hear from you at our next community meeting this Spring. Sign-up to the study’s mailing list to receive notifications of project updates, community meetings, and new documents.  And please share this website with your family and friends!

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